Build in Scripts

The Invictus theme comes with some great and very stylish pre-scripted plugins. You do not need to install anything yourself and you can use these scripts and their benefits directly.

Scripts included:


PrettyPhoto is a nice lightbox script, which can be used everywhere on the site by simple add a rel=”prettyPhoto[]” to your Image link. A click on this link will open a photos, galleries and videos in a nice looking lightbox. Just click on the link below, to see an example:

Open an Image Lightbox


TipsyTooltips creates really nice looking tooltips on links, images and any other elements (div, span, li, inputy etc) on the fly. They look awesome and are easy to implement. Simple add a text to the title=”This is a tooltip” and a class=”tooltip” to the element and it will show up on hover.

Hover me! I will show you a little tooltip!

SuperFish Navigation

The Top-Navigation is created by a nice script called SuperFish. You do not need to setup anything else then your Menu in the WP menu settings. The theme will create this menu for you without touching any line of code your own. Also the Pulldowns are generated by the theme. It cant be easier!

Unique Fullsize Gallery

Invictus brings you an unique and awesome looking Fullsize Gallery with thumbnail supported navigation on your Homepage. You can setup this Gallery through the Custom Invictus Admin Menu. All Settings are done there to ensure an easy customisation.

Show Fullsize Homepage Gallery

Masonry Portfolio

You can choose a Portfolio Template powered by the beautiful Isotope jQuery Plugin to bring your visitors a sortable view of your great works.

Check this template now!

JW Player Videos

With the free version of JW Player you can play videos in your portfolios or in your fullscreen gallery templates. For modern Browsers the videos are playing in HTML5 mode. Older Browsers will play a flash video instead.

I want to see a video now!

Nivo Slider

Your blog or photo posts can show a nice Nivo Slider on top of the post with images you attach. Those images are easily added within the post edit page. All you have to do is to upload or choose an existing image from your media library.

Show me the Nivo Slider!

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